Pippi the Clown

Pippi appears brightly dressed in her clown best complete with her cart full of surprises…full of magic, either for the stage, for gathering a crowd on the grounds or around a table. Brightly colored flags, parachutes, and balls provide non-competitive games for kids age six to sixty. She is an accomplished balloon artist with her beautiful balloon hats and wild animal creations. Pippi also carries an incredible face painting kit with which she creates exquisite jeweled designs for the girls and ladies alike. There are exotic animals and pirates for the wild at heart.

Tyzen - Hypnotist

 With over 25 years of experience, Tyzen generates an electrifying performance where audience members are transformed into the stars! He interacts with his volunteers in a unique way while incorporating a generous dose of stand-up improv comedy. Tyzen is not only a hypnotist, he's a very clever and quick comedian.

TC Hatter and Marcianne

This unique comedy duo has been headlining comedy clubs, fairs, schools, corporate events and festivals since 1981. They combine juggling, magic, music and pantomime to tell funny stories that will please all ages. Every show becomes unique as the "cast" is supplemented by the kids AND adults from the crowd. See "the bowling ball juggle" participate in "the dangerous tightrope trick", help with "the fishing trip". This and more is in store with this vaudevillian style act. 

Leapin Louie

David Lichtenstein specializes in western comedy shows featuring his comedy character, Leapin’ Louie. He is a master of physical comedy, trick roping, fancy whip cracking, juggling, unicycling; a virtuoso of new vaudeville and alternative circus.

Double Vision - Twin Magic and Comedy

If you're looking for entertainment that is professional, clean, and easy to work with, then you’ve come to the right place.

For over 25 years, Double Vision has entertained and amazed audiences across North America, from corporate galas to small town halls. 

Why have just another magician, when you can experience Double Vision?  Twin magic and clean comedy.