In response to the public unrest around the nation surrounding law enforcement and minorities, and to address the many questions received by public officials in light of current circumstances, the Lewis and Clark County Board of Commissioners will host a special session meeting to address the community. Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton will explain in-depth what his office is doing to mitigate racism and ensure fair and equal treatment. The address will also include input from the Commissioners and staff about programs and initiatives designed and implemented in recent years to address mental health and substance use disorders, homelessness, and reduction of recidivism in the community.

When:  Wednesday, June 24, 1:30 PM

Where:  Commission Chambers, 316 N. Park Ave., Helena, Montana, 3rd floor and broadcast online

Public: The Report will be broadcast live on the HCTV website (https://www.helenacivictv.org/watch-live/) and on Channel 189. It will be Live on the Sheriff’s Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/lcsomt). News outlets are invited and encouraged to broadcast live and we will ensure you are set-up in a good location to do so. 

Organizers:  Lewis and Clark County Board of Commissioners and Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s office

Why:  Lewis and Clark County is a leader in Montana when it comes to good law enforcement initiatives and practices, as well as funding social services that assist the law enforcement community. Montana in general is doing a lot of things right, and we want the public to have a better understanding of what that looks like. Officials also recognize there is always room for improvement and will address the areas we can continue to do better.