Draft Zoning Regulations Available for Public Comment



Helena – Lewis and Clark County Draft Part 2 County-Initiated Zoning regulations are now available for public review and comment.

The regulations and map are found at https://www.lccountymt.gov/cdp/zoning.html

The Part 2 County Regulations affect the majority of the Helena Valley. Proposed are several different zoning areas, which range from Urban to Rural. The proposed Urban area is close to the cities, while two separate Suburban areas will help transition between the Urban and Rural areas. The Rural area, which covers most of the valley, is proposed to have lower development levels to help reduce the impacts of new growth, which the public identified as a major concern in the last update to the Growth Policy. 

The Consolidated City and County Planning Board is scheduled to review these draft regulations on May 19, 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this date is subject to change. Updates on this date will be posted on the website and people can also call the Planning office at 406-447-8374.

“There has been substantial interest in this issue and we want to ensure the public has opportunity to review and comment on the proposed regulations,” said Lewis and Clark County Community Development and Planning Director Peter Italiano. “We held several meetings over the winter and took public comment and listened to people. Many of those comments and concerns are reflected in these draft regulations.”

Citizens were very involved in the 2015 Helena Valley Area Growth Policy, which focused on addressing Five Key Issues:Water, Wastewater, Roads, Fire Protection and Flooding. The Growth Policy created the vision for a new approach to growth management in the Valley. The proposed zoning is a tool needed to address the growth constraints and respond to them appropriately.

“In my six years on the Commission, I have listened to literally hundreds of County residents ask to have their neighborhoods zoned,” said 2020 Lewis and Clark County Commission Chair Susan Good Geise. “They fear the loss of their rural settings or they fear the scarcity of water in the valley. Mostly, they worry about the value of their homes being diminished. Zoning will provide predictability for long-time homeowners, buyers and developers alike.”  

The public is encouraged to provide comments on the DRAFT Zoning Regulations and Map. Comments may be sent to the Planning Division Office at planning@lccountymt.gov or County Planning Division, Room 230, 316 N. Park Ave., Helena, MT 59623.

A comment form is available here: https://www.lccountymt.gov/cdp/zoning.html



Jeni Garcin | Communications Coordinator | 208-961-0349 | jgarcin@lccountymt.gov

Peter Italiano | Community Development & Planning Director | pitaliano@lccounty.mt.gov